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    “Bringing Two Boards Together

    Completing the merger of our two organisations was a catalyst to reviewing the composition of our Board, and more specifically presented the ideal opportunity to conduct a survey of the diversity of skills and experience each director brings to the Board.

    Mobo Group engaged the services of Governance Matters to assist in conducting the review measured against the needs identified to deliver on our strategic direction.

    This survey and analysis process included a report back on the findings to the Board at a facilitated session on governance and directors duties.

    The entire process was an integral step in assisting the effective merge of two organisations into one, aligned as a singularly focussed Board of Mobo Group.

    The survey, analysis and workshop proved most value to everyone involved.”

    Andrew Ramsey,CEO, Mobo Group, (formerly Hands On SA).

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    “Kate Costello, Governance Matters, recently worked on a Board skill and diversity gap analysis project with Barossa Grape and Wine Association.

    The issue of skills, diversity and planning for Board succession is often a challenging one. It can be hard for directors to hone in on exactly the right skills the Board needs given its strategic direction and to then recognise how to manage change on the Board to acquire those skills.

    Kate helped our Board to do exactly that and she did it with intelligence, logic and sensitivity. Kate’s wealth of knowledge, discussion summary and recommendations created the blueprint needed and the Board was delighted with the outcome”

    Linda Bowes, Chairman, Barossa Grape and Wine Association.

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    “Governance Matters, Kate Costello, recently conducted a Board performance evaluation for the Board, individual directors and myself, as Chair, of Northern Health.

    Most of the directors had participated in Board performance evaluations before and were somewhat sceptical of the process and the value. This was different. The process was thorough, constructive and targeted specifically to Northern Health’s circumstances as a public health service.

    Kate identified the major governance issues confronting Northern Health and made sure the recommendations for improving governance were prioritised, specific and practical.

    I would recommend Governance Matters without hesitation. In fact, I have already done so”

    Jennifer Williams, Chair, Northern Health.

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    “I have no doubt that any NFP Board would benefit from working with Governance Matters. We certainly have.

    Kate Costello from Governance Matters has worked with the Board and Executive to help STAR Inc develop its Strategic Plan. The end product is quality not quantity. It has been embraced by staff and all our major stakeholders.

    Kate also drafted our Board Charter which is a governance best practice blueprint for how our Board works. The best thing is it is written in plain English and is easy to understand so it’s a great resource for inducting new Board members and keeping our governance on track. It has really improved the way in which our Board functions”

    Diego Cardenas, Manager, Star Inc.

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