Strategic Planning

Need assistance with developing a robust Strategic Plan?

Governance Structural Reviews

Structure follows strategy. Is your governance structure right to deliver your organisation’s strategic future?

Board Performance Evaluations

Good boards are prepared to evaluate their own performance.

Governance Training and Development

In-house development programs for boards.

Stakeholder Attitude Indicators

Want to measure critical non-financial key performance indicators to inform senior management and the board?


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    “Accessible Housing Association appointed Kate Costello of Governance Matters to conduct a Governance/Board Review of our organisation and its members. The review and subsequent recommendations are being implemented and have enabled our board to perform in a cohesive, positive and encouraging framework, with an eye on the future and confidence in the Governance of the organisation. Kate has a real understanding of how boards must and should operate and her recommendations and resources have become an outstanding framework for us as a board and an organisation to work with. We were so impressed with the outcome of Kate’s report and recommendations we asked Kate to return to facilitate us through the Strategic Planning Process. At the end of the session there was a sense of achievement, we know where the organisation will go into the future, this was possible because of Kate’s ability to structure the day and guide us and the Senior Management Team forward. No longer do we feel over whelmed with Governance issues, we have good policy and board structure to work with.”

    Chair, Accessible Housing Association.

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    “The Shine SA Board has moved from a community Board to a Skills Based Board and this has required a review of the Board policies which were not at the level required for a Skills Based Board. We have completely reviewed all Board policies using the Governance Matters policies as the starting point. For each of the policies, very little was altered in order to make them SHine policies. This has been a fabulous benefit that has assisted the process of completely revising the Governance Policy pack”.

    Jill Davidson, Chief Executive Officer, SHine SA

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    “I think your blogs are great! Short & to the point, they’re quick & easy to read and cover important matters for directors to consider. No surprises in that….you’ve always managed to hit the mark!”

    Jan Connolly, Previous Chair, Dog and Cat Management Board

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    “Financial year 2014/15 will be the first in the South Australian Cricket Association’s 143-year history that it will not be responsible for the management of Adelaide Oval. Accommodating this significant change in plans for the future is integral to the Association capitalising on the very real opportunities that now exist for cricket and our members. Kate’s experience, her guidance and her exuberance throughout the recent development of our Strategic Plan 2020 has paid immeasurable dividends, as has the Governance Matters’ licensed suite of templates and tools. My advice to anyone who needs to lead an organisation towards a better and more prosperous future, especially in times of change, is that they engage Kate to assist”.

    Keith Bradshaw, Chief Executive, South Australian Cricket Association

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