2 other governance tools to assist the Board

2 other governance tools to assist the Board

For Board Governance:

  • Basic Financial Checklist
  • Board Evaluation Checklist
  • Board Skill and Diversity Analysis
  • Board Charter Index
  • Checklist for Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Good Federation Checklist
  • Governance Action Plan Template
  • Risk Register
  • Understanding Good Governance Videos
  • 7 Questions to Improve Decisions on Major Proposals

For Individual Directors:

  • Before Accepting a Board Position Checklist
  • Board Biography Example Template
  • Board Member Basic Skill Checklist
  • Director Care and Diligence Self Evaluation Checklist
  • Director Courage Quiz
  • Director Performance Survey
  • Non-Executive Director Position Description

For Strategy:

  • Strategic Plan Template
  • Strategic Panning Checklist

*If we don’t already have the specific tool you require, we will develop it for you.

A coupon code will be provided at checkout which allows you to choose any 2 tools throughout the year of your subscription

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