About Us


Governance Matters is a recognised world leader in providing a range of consulting services in the governance domain, all designed to instill good governance policies, improve corporate governance practices and elevate the overall performance of boards.

The company was established in Adelaide, Australia, by Principal, Kate Costello some 20 years ago with the single-minded goal of helping businesses, government bodies and not-for-profit organisations attain best practice status while taking them from mundane boardroom mechanics to passionate boardroom dynamics.

Over the years, Governance Matters has delivered its industry-specific governance training, education and development programs for directors and CEOs, conducted board evaluations and governance reviews and facilitated strategic planning for more than 300 clients across Australia and internationally.

Governance Matters also offers clients a world-first on-line subscription service for director training and development and a set of good governance policies for adoption by boards.

The company has worked locally with such notables as Macquarie Bank Ltd, Caltex Ltd, The Department of Defence, The Australian Sports Commission, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, while it counts among its international clients the World Bank and Thailand’s Institute of Directors, having played a pivotal role in developing the latter’s governance program.

Governance Matters has an office in Bangkok serving the emerging governance markets in South East Asia.



In two words, experience and credibility.

Governance Matters and its team of experts are practising directors with both legal and governance backgrounds. Over the years and drawing on resources designed to help boards become more efficient and effective, they have built an enviable track record of board engagements that have made a positive contribution to myriad diverse organisations.

Governance Matters further recognises that good governance requires a combination of three key elements – understanding the role of the board, effective and transparent processes, and constructive relationships.
When delivered in a comprehensive package, it helps to create a culture of compliance and performance that is expressed in meaningful and dramatic results.




Kate Costello is the Founder and Principal of Governance Matters and widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts in her field.

A law graduate from the University of Melbourne, the inspiration for a career in governance came while working in management at a commercial law firm, where she discovered that many of the company directors she interacted with felt they needed assistance. They wanted to learn more about their duties and responsibilities and understand how they could better serve the organisations they represented at board level.

She has added enormous value to companies – either as a consultant or a director – by helping them to articulate a strategy, align business plans and measure outcomes. She has served as chair of Saab ITS, Bassett Consulting Engineers and accounting firm, Accru Harris Orchard and held directorships at companies such as Integrated Research Ltd, The South Australian TAB, Festival City Broadcasters Ltd and Saab Systems Pty Ltd.

Kate, who currently Chairs LBT Innovation Ltd (an ASX listed company), MGA Whittles Group Future Directions Committee and is a director of Whittles Management Services Pty Ltd, is also one of the most innovative people in her industry. She is recognised for devising new and enriching ways of imparting her considerable governance knowledge to her local and international client base.