Baseball NSW


“You may remember that in 2011 Baseball NSW licensed your suite of Governance Tools for Sporting Organisations. We implemented our ‘tailored’ versions of the Governance Policies and we held a Strategic Planning session and produced a Strategic Plan. There were a lot of goals in the plan that we thought at the time were a real stretch – probably 70% seemed beyond reach. Three years later we are about to undertake a Strategy Review and a Governance Review. Watching and discussing the Board Minded strategy and governance topics together will be a key element of those reviews. While preparing for the Strategy review I noticed that at least 70% of our goals have been achieved!

As the Director responsible for Governance and for leading the Strategy review I am convinced that we can attribute our achievements to your suite of tools – we changed how the Board operated – we have delivered for our members. We still have more to do but we are on the right track. I thought you might like to know that this suite of tools really works.”

Rodger Powell
Director, Baseball NSW

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