Board Performance Evaluations

“Governance Matters, Kate Costello, recently conducted a Board performance evaluation for the Board, individual directors and myself, as Chair, of Northern Health.

Most of the directors had participated in Board performance evaluations before and were somewhat sceptical of the process and the value. This was different. The process was thorough, constructive and targeted specifically to Northern Health’s circumstances as a public health service.

Kate identified the major governance issues contronting Northern Health and made sure the recommendations for improving governance were prioritised, specific and practical.

I would recommend Governance Matters without hesitation. In fact, I have already done so”.

Jennifer Williams, Chair, Northern Health

The role of the board necessitates assessing and monitoring the performance of the organisation and the CEO. Best practice boards also understand the need to evaluate their own performance. Governance Matters conducts evaluations of board performance for:

  • the board as a whole
  • the chair
  • individual directors

These evaluations are tailored for the client. A combination of confidential, on-line surveys, face-to-face meetings or teleconferences with individual directors, board workshops, attendance at board meetings and reviews of governance documentation are used in the evaluation process. An evaluation report, including recommendations for change, is presented to the board at the outcome of the evaluation process.

Governance Matters utilises on-line sector-specific surveys hosted by a high security web presence provider. Anonymity is protected and responses cannot be attributed to any individual.

Some of our board performance evaluation clients have included: