Annual Reports

Adding a touch of spice to annual reports

You may recall that a good few blogs back, we touched on the great work a UK-based organisation, Eden Project, has done in consistently producing stimulating, refreshing and inviting annual reports.

And with annual report preparation season in Australia less than six months away it’s timely for listed companies, government organisations and not-for-profits to turn their thoughts to the 2016/17 annual report. So I thought I’d stress there are annual reports – and then there are annual reports!

Sadly most tend to follow a rather bland model that does little more than tick all the statutory compliance boxes.
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Banish annual report boredom and blandness to the bin!

It’s that time of year again, when annual reports are busily being compiled and prepared for a raft of listed and other entities.

Some do it well but most, while ticking all the statutory requirement boxes, tend to churn out rather bland documents – and in the process, they’re missing a trick.

Annual reports don’t have to be as dull as dishwater…they can be lively documents that, while covering off on all the fundamentals, also tell the corporate story in interesting and engaging ways.
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