Monitoring and Supervision

When ethical behaviour sits comfortably alongside financial performance

ESG may sound like just another TLA (that’s three letter acronym) but it’s one that’s making quite a noise on the corporate governance landscape. And it’s poised to get a whole lot louder in the months ahead.

So listen up…

ESG, of course, stands for environment, social and governance…and the good news is it is requiring boards – particularly those in trustee positions – to shift their thinking from bottom line to triple bottom line.
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People – the staff of life in any organisation’s success

It was just the other day that I picked up a newspaper with a wild and angry headline and equally indignant introduction about livid staff at one of the nation’s biggest public hospitals calling for crisis talks with the Health Director-General to voice their serious concerns about the activities of their board.

It was certainly unhealthy stuff and a stark reminder that boards need to be as concerned with staff attitudes and values as they are with financial and other indicators of success.
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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

You’ll recall in our last blog we discussed strategic plans and ended by looking at a simple table that had just three headings – strategic goals, objectives and measures. We touched on the first two and concluded by saying the third was so important that it warranted a dedicated blog.

Well, here it is…and we’re talking measures.

There’s an old adage in business that you can’t manage what you don’t measure; that unless you’re able to measure something, you’re flying in the dark, not knowing where you’re going, whether you’re getting better or worse.
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