Funny Stories

This time, the joke is on me!

You will recall we had a look at some lighter moments in the boardroom, those generated by the chair and directors, in last week’s blog.

It’s now time to bring our blog program for 2015 to a close and, as promised, we’ll end with the joke being fairly and squarely on me…

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It’s the silly season so time for a little light relief!

Yes, governance has something of a reputation for being a little dry, but believe me, there’s humour aplenty in the boardrooms of Australia, some of it generated by the members and directors, others by yours truly when consulting to boards.

And as most of it is unintentional, it only adds to the hilarity.

So, with the silly season on our doorstep, I thought we’d end the year on a lighter note by getting into the seasonal mood and closing with a two-blog series on boardroom comedy.

In the first blog, I’ll recall some of the funnies I’ve heard in my line of work and just to balance the ledger, I’ll devote the second to a few of my stumbles.

Here goes…
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