Positions For Pals Do Boards a Disservice

You’ll recall in my earlier blog I took a critical – and none too flattering – look at government’s rather feeble track record when it comes to living by the laws it creates and applies to others, especially when trafficking in misleading information.

I mentioned, too, that I had more to say on our pollies and their governance attributes…and I’m afraid it’s no less damning when it comes to them selecting people for board positions.

In the corporate and NGO sectors, boards are doing an enormous amount of good work to ensure that there’s diversity and a balance of skill sets among the people they select to direct the organisation.
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Do As We Say, Not As We Do

The sea of election posters that have adorned our streetscapes in recent times – federally last September, SA and Tasmania in March and WA a week ago got me thinking…there’s an awful lot of posturing and pontificating, there are promises aplenty from many of those seeking to win our vote.

But what happens when these pollies get our vote and go on to walk the corridors of power? What happens to all those pledges – and more to the point, what sanctions are in place when words speak louder than actions?

From a governance perspective, it’s an absolute shemozzle, where one set of rules applies to the mere mortals in the corporate and NGO worlds and a totally different one to those in government.

Allow me to elaborate…
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