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Sports Governance

Anyone with even a passing interest in Australian sport will be aware of the ongoing bun-fight between the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) when it comes to how well – or poorly – national sporting bodies are doing in terms of governance.

And, more pertinently, what needs to be done about it.

It all started after the less than stellar performance of our athletes at the London 2012 Olympics when governance reform of the various sporting codes – in the shape of the first set of Mandatory Sports Governance Principles – was mooted and subsequently introduced. Continue reading

FIFA’s many own goals…..and our complicity

There are few, if any, organisations on this planet that could have provided us with such a litany of case studies on how not to go about your business as our dear friends – or is that fiends? – at FIFA.

Indeed, anyone who has followed FIFA’s history knows that they’re seldom far from controversy when it comes to business dealings and the organisation’s sorry governance track record. You could say they’re clearly in a league of their own when it comes to scoring own goals.

Which begs the question…why did everyone sit around and do little or nothing until the US regulators started to investigate the organisation and found all was not as it should be?
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