Social Media

Five simple steps to social media nirvana

Hi, Talia Hagon here again, to conclude our two-part social media soiree.

Okay, we’ve agreed that a social media strategy that feeds into the overarching corporate strategy is a vital component of the modern organisation. We’ve also accepted that the board must ensure that social media and the social media strategy gets the high priority it deserves if they’re to fulfil their primary role of charting a successful course for the company.

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When it comes to social media, the greatest risk is….

Social media – two words that excite so many but fill others with white knuckle trepidation…and as many of the latter seem to find themselves sitting around the boardroom tables of corporate Australia, Kate Costello has asked me to share my social media thoughts with you.

My name is Talia Hagon and social media is my business. It brings me into contact with countless board members and directors and a startling observation is that many don’t have an understanding of or passion for the digital world.

So in a two-part blog, I’ll explain why boards should insist on their organisations having a social media strategy and conclude with what I believe are the mandatory elements of such a strategy.
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