Taxing Times 2 – The Lore

The law behind us, let’s turn our attention to the lore and explore those changes afoot that are being driven largely by a growing global sense of fairness and the notion of good corporate citizenship.

Generally speaking, modern society holds the view that as a company benefits from the people and places where it operates, it should give something back.

Today, there’s very much a social contract to trade in a fair and community-minded manner in every jurisdiction where you happen to operate. And if you don’t, you run a very serious and potentially devastating risk to your reputation.
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Taxing Times 1 – The Law

Tax and the taxing times it can potentially cause boards is something I’d like to look at over the next two blogs, spending some time on tax law and some time on tax lore!

Let’s start with the law, particularly the international implications of the various tax regimes across the different jurisdictions and the veritable tightrope boards sometimes need to walk to keep everything kosher with people like the USA’s Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and our Australian Taxation Office (ATO)…both understandably keen for their legally entitled slice of the tax pie!

For most boards of small Australian companies, there’s not too much to concern themselves with. After all, beyond the GST, providing for long service leave and perhaps attending to the odd acquisition, that’s generally as far as it goes.
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