What is Governance

Lifting ‘corporate governance’ above the world of weasel words

I clearly remember reading Don Watson’s ‘Dictionary of Weasel Words’, in which he highlights all those government- and corporate-speak clichés that, carefully crafted to mislead or misinform, have crept into our lexicon at an increasingly alarming rate.

I remember, too, being somewhat surprised to find the word ‘governance’ sitting alongside gems like ‘negative patient outcomes’ (read: you’re dead) and ‘downsizing’ (read: slashing employment).

But the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense – the word ‘governance’ has become rather nebulous and is bandied about by many who don’t actually know what it means…it just sounds good and, more importantly, it makes the person uttering it sound knowledgeable.

So what does it actually mean?
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