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DGA launch signals new era in data governance

You may have seen a report earlier this month about the establishment of a new independent body tasked with setting industry standards around data.

You may have noted, too, how important a focus is being placed on the new group, with its head none other than the highly respected former chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Graeme Samuel; and the launch being told that “setting industry standards for the use, collection and application of data is something that cannot be avoided much longer”.

This is a significant moment for those of us who operate in the governance space as the formation of the new body, Data Governance Australia – or DGA – is overdue recognition that data and its handling is now very much a governance matter.

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It’s time to blow the whistle on negative connotations


Now there’s a word to conjure up a raft of emotions, almost every single one of them negative.

That’s quite ironic as I believe the term was coined back in the 1970s by US civic activist Ralph Nader to avoid the negative connotations associated with words like “informer” and “snitch” – and in the Australian vernacular, “dobber”.

Before moving away from the semantics, may I just say how much I personally detest the word “whistleblower” as the act itself should be one overflowing with positivity and celebrating undeniable and admirable ethics.
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