Directored Mentoring

Governance Matters provides director mentoring support to:

  • Individuals looking at wanting to get on a Board
  • Individuals preparing themselves for their first Board position
  • New appointments to the Board
  • NEDs transitioning to the Chairperson
  • NEDs on Advisory Boards

Mentor, Kate Costello, has worked in governance consulting with boards and executive management on strategy, restructures, skilling programs and board evaluations over the last 25 years.

Kate has held several directorships and her board experience includes directorships of Integrated Research Ltd, The South Australian TAB, Festival City Broadcasters Ltd and Saab Systems Pty Ltd and, chairmanship of Saab ITS and Bassett Consulting Engineers. She currently holds directorships in LBT Innovation Ltd (an ASX listed company) and Intellitrain Holdings Ltd and chairs bzpay Pty Ltd and accounting firm, Accru Harris Orchard.

Kate as mentor provides a mentoring plan, honest and valuable advice and guidance and is a confidential sounding board for complex issues.

If you are looking for a director mentor, please contact Governance Matters to discuss how we can assist.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.