Directored Thinking

Directored Thinking™ is an annual subscription for all your Board’s ‘s governance needs:

  • Induct new board members
  • Stay right up to date with current strategic governance issues
  • Provide ongoing governance development for board members
  • Access missing parts of your Board Charter
  • Access organisational-specific, expert governance advice

Why Directored Thinking™?

It will address the critical issues uncovered by our research. From 200 respondents which represents 25% of Directors and Executives surveyed, the following results were recorded:

  • 1/3 of directors and executives don’t understand their legal duties and responsibilities at law
  • 34% of directors and executives feel they don’t have the minimum skills to serve on a Board
  • 31% of directors do not have a breadth of basic knowledge about how organisations function
  • 32% don’t understand the Board’s role versus that of management
  • 44% did not get an adequate/comprehensive/valuable induction
  • 41% feel their Board does not spend enough time on strategy
  • 35% of Boards do not have the ideal skill set/diversity given the organisation’s strategic direction
  • 39% feel that the “modus operandi” of the Board are not clearly and concisely set out on a Board Charter
  • 33% feel their Board should improve their governance because of external expectations e.g regulators like APRA, government