Good Governance for NFPs (deatils)

Preview of Good Governance for NFPs Topic

This topic covers all the information in Understanding Good Governance. It also looks at specific issues affecting not-for-profit boards like:

  • getting the right skills on the board
  • developing a clear strategic direction
  • understanding the competitive environment

What our subscribers say
“I have no doubt that any Board would find value in the topic Good Governance in Not-for-Profits. The style is clear and concise, the content highly relevant to all aspects of a Boards governance and interaction with its organisation. After watching it, I realised that there were areas where we excelled and other areas for improvement. As a result we have made some changes and tweaks to Board meetings, engagement with the CEO/organisation and strategic planning. It also allows me to represent information to the Board objectively (by showing excerpts) rather than explaining myself”. Colette Smith, President, Arthritis Foundation of South Australia.

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