Governance Training and Development

Governance Matters offers various half and one day board development in-house programs such as:

Understanding the Role of the Board

This program assists board members to understand all aspects of the board’s role and provides examples of how good boards fulfil that role. The program assists the board to operate at a governance, not management, level.

Program Outline

  • introduction
  • governance defined
  • what role for the board? small versus large organisations
  • the role of the board: the Tricker Model
  • strategy
  • the importance of clear, accessible policy
  • accountabilities
  • monitoring operations
  • board case study
  • what will you do?

Strategic Thinking and Planning for Boards

This program examines the ways in which boards can act strategically to ensure a successful future for their organisation. The program also assists directors to operate at a governance, not management, level.

Program Outline

  • introduction
  • the roles and responsibilities of the board
  • understanding the meaning of strategy
  • case study: Identifying the strategic questions
  • case study:a step-by-step strategic planning process – from vision to key objectives
  • aligning strategic and operational plans
  • tips for strategy time at board level
  • what will you do?

Improved Board Decision-Making

This program arms board members with the knowledge and skills to improve their board’s decision-making processes.

Program Outline

  • how directors think and perceive;
  • possible biases that can occur in how the board processes information, and their impact on the way decisions are made;
  • theories & models of decision making applicable to boards;
  • influence of others on decision making in the boardroom; and
  • strategies to optimise decision making in the boardroom.
  • case study

Characteristics of Effective Directors

This program examines the characteristics and traits of exemplary board members. Board and director effectiveness are critical to organisational success.

Program Outline

  • introduction
  • the 10 characteristics of effective directors
    • is open to change
    • experienced in organisations
    • likes learning
    • is ethical and fair
    • is articulate and persuasive
    • understands a board member’s role
    • has sound business judgement
    • comprehends risk
    • has courage
    • is diligent
  • what will you do?

We tailor our training and development programs to meet the needs of different organisational types: government entities, corporates and, not-for-profit organisations. Our development and delivery fees vary according to client needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.