Board and Director Development – Not For Profit

Board Minded – Not For Profit Subscription

“I have no doubt that any Board would find value in the topic Good Governance in Not-for-Profits. The style is clear and concise, the content highly relevant to all aspects of a Board’s governance and interaction with its organisation”.

Colette Smith, President, Arthritis Foundation of South Australia.

This Board Minded subscription has been specifically designed to bring the most current and sector specific information to the boards of not for profit organisations such as:

  • Superannuation funds
  • Sporting organisations
  • Independent schools
  • Charities
  • Licensed clubs
  • Arts bodies
This subscription will transform your board, board members and the organisation you serve.


Choose Your Organisation Type

  • Superannuation Fund

    Good governance is essential for board’s managing other funds.
  • Sporting Organisation

    Easy to understand governance tailor made for sporting organisations.
  • Independent School

    Specifically created to help independent school boards be more effective.
  • Licensed Club

    Designed with valuable information specific to licensed club boards.
  • All Other Not For Profits

    Good governance for all not for profits not mentioned above.