Why do you need these resources?

Governance Matters’ recent survey of 200 directors and executives found:

One third of directors:

  • don’t understand their legal duties and responsibilities at law
  • don’t have the minimum skills including financial skills to serve on a Board
  • don’t understand the Board’s role versus that of management
  • feel their Board should improve its governance because of external expectations e.g. regulators like ACNC and APRA

over 40% of directors:

  • did not get an adequate/comprehensive/valuable induction
  • say their Board does not spend enough time on strategy
  • feel that the “modus operandi” of the Board is not clearly and concisely set out in a Board Charter

one third of directors

  • do not have the ideal skill set/diversity given the organisation’s strategic direction

Board and Director Online Education

In this ever changing environment it is often challenging to find the time or the budget for the necessary board development.

Now with Board Minded online training videos, any board, executive or individual has the ability to view any number of board governance topics at their convenience.

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Good Governance Policies

Governance Matters has developed a set of governance policies that are:

  • plain english
  • practical
  • best practice
  • easily adapted to suit the requirements of your particular organisation and sector.

If you have provided your details to receive the free resource – Non-Executive Board Member Position Description – you have seen the practical style of our governance policies.

If you implement the policies you will adopt best practice governance in your organisation.

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Good Governance Benchmarks

We retain benchmarks of board performance evaluation results across various sectors.

The sectors we currently have quantitative benchmarks for are:

  • Superannuation Funds
  • Independent Schools
  • Mutuals in the Finance Sector

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