Strategic Planning

“I have no doubt that any NFP Board would benefit from working with Governance Matters. We certainly have.

Kate Costello from Governance Matters has worked with the Board and Executive to help STAR Inc develop its Strategic Plan. The end product is quality not quantity. It has been embraced by staff and all our major stakeholders.

Kate also drafted our Board Charter which is a governance best practice blueprint for how our Board works. The best thing is it is written in plain English and is easy to understand so it’s a great resource for inducting new Board members and keeping our governance on track. It has really improved the way in which our Board functions”

Diego Cardenas, STAR Inc Manager

One of the responsibilities of the board is to ensure the organisation has a clearly defined strategic direction. Governance Matters facilitates strategic planning exercises for boards and management of client organisations.
We also assist management in aligning shorter-term business or operational plans with the strategic plan.

We have worked with clients such as:

  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • The Broncos Leagues Club
  • Coffey Natural Systems

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