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Welcome to Board Minded, an innovative, world-first, online portal featuring the finest minds in the business delivering the best advice and information on a broad range of governance topics to board members, anywhere, any time and as often as required.

“Intelligent, caring individuals regularly exhibit procedures of governance that are deeply flawed”

John Carver, Boards That Make A Difference

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  • Online Video topics offer convenience and flexibility for board members
  • Keep your board up to date with sector relevant best practices and current thinking
  • Ensure all board members understand the basics of accounting
  • Improve the induction of new board members
  • Watch at your pace collectively or individually (and as many times as you require)
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  • If you are an AICD member, self-evaluate for DPD units.
  • If you are an AM Institute member, gain CPD points
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Board Minded Training Videos

Induction and Fundamental Topics (1 hour each topic)

$95 for 30 day access
$145 for 60 day access

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Directors

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  • Encourage the Board to Think, Plan and Act Strategically

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  • The Board’s Role in Risk Management

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  • Improving Board Decision-Making

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Finance Topics (20 min each topic)

Three Topics For The Price of one

$95 for 30 day access
$145 for 60 day access

  • Understanding Financial Statements

    (Balance Sheet and Income Statements)

    Understanding Financial Statements

    (Cash Flow Statements)

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    Tracking the Right Financial Ratios


Other Important Topics

$95 for 30 day access
$145 for 60 day access

  • What Effective Chairs Do

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  • Board Evaluations

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