The Board’s Role in Risk Management (details)

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There is a whole industry around risk management with risk registers and coloured “heat” charts.

But, does your board understand how to agree your organisation’s risk appetite and what risks to monitor, how often? More importantly, do you know what company collapses have shown is the best risk mitigator for an organisation?

The Board’s Role in Risk Management covers the development of a risk management policy for approval by the board.

It looks at:

  • the importance of culture
  • risk management policies and processes

You will also get:

  • a copy of the power points
  • a checklist so your board can see how it measures up

It’s a perfect topic for:

  • induction of new board members
  • viewing as part of strategic planning exercises

About the Presenter – Kate Costello

Governance Matters’ founder Kate Costello is widely recognised as an expert in advising corporate and not-for-profit clients on strategy, restructures, skilling programs and board evaluations that have enhanced company and board performances both at home and abroad. When not applying her mind to improving the world’s corporate governance practices, the University of Melbourne law graduate finds time to engage in her other passion of archaeology and its study of human behaviour through the ages.

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