Ton up…and time to reflect before we bat on

Bring out the cake, light the candles, pop the champagne and charge your glasses.

That’s what we’re doing at Governance Matters this week as we toast a significant milestone – this being our 100th blog – and celebrate a longevity that tells me from your feedback that what we’re sharing is resonating and, in its own way, playing a part in us becoming better leaders, directors and, ultimately, people.

While reflecting on this, I happened to come across the key findings of a comprehensive 10-year study into great executives and what they have in common and I thought it timely to set aside the cake and bubbles for just a moment and share them with you.

Published last year in the Harvard Business Review, the study found that the very ‘best of the best’ share mastery across just four interrelated elements.

They have an exceptional grasp and understanding of all aspects of the business, working incredibly hard to ensure they never lose sight of the entire picture and so are always in a position to take informed – even if unpopular – decisions.

They are great decision-makers, displaying a fine balance between instinct and analysis and arriving at the point where they’re prepared to – and make – the decision well before the scourge of analysis paralysis sets in.

They know the industry they operate it, they’re acutely aware of its ever-changing nature and they’re blessed with an innate curiosity and inquisitiveness that has them forever seeking information on new developments and how these might impact the organisation…cyber security being but one good example.

And they enjoy deep and trusting relationships with their superiors, peers and direct reports to form mutually-beneficial and long-lasting associations, where genuine care for those around them trumps the muscleman – or woman – approach.

While confined to executives, there is no reason why the study and its findings shouldn’t apply to board members and directors. After all, we’re leaders and wish to be the best we can be.

So as we set out on our next 100 blogs, it’s important that we continue to provide material that’s of value to you, that gives you added insight and improves your knowledge. And what better way than to tap into your heads and get feedback on what you’d like to read about in future blogs?

Please take a few moments to reply to this email and let us know which numbers below you would like to hear about in future blogs. We’ll then do all we can to attend to them and, in the process, hopefully make us all better leaders.

1. The structure of the board and its committees
2. The skills and diversity of the board
3. Strategic direction and planning
4. Accountability of individual directors
5. Accountability of the board
6. Board policy-making
7. The board’s role in monitoring management
8. Board papers
9. Board decision-making
10. Board meetings
11. Board minutes
12. Board behaviour

Thanks for your support and feedback over the journey – and here’s to the road ahead.

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8 thoughts on “Ton up…and time to reflect before we bat on

  1. 3.4.and 5 thank you

    I love reading the blog and look for ward to every post
    congratulations on being 100



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