Understanding Financial Statements – Part 1 – Balance Sheet and Income Statement (details)

Preview of Understanding Financial Statements – Part 1 – Balance Sheet and Income Statement Topic

You can’t afford to be on a Board and not have a basic understanding of financial statements. The law demands this of you.

Understanding Financial Statements (Part I – Balance Sheet and Income Statement) introduces Board Members to the basics of accounts:

  • the balance sheet and common items found in it
  • the income statement (P&L) and usual inclusions
  • how the balance sheet and income statement can and can’t be trusted

You will also get:

  • a copy of hypothetical financial statements so you can follow the numbers and the logic while you view the program

It’s a perfect topic for:

  • induction of new board members
  • stimulating a board discussion about the financial information it receives

What our Subscribers say

“If you are a Board Member and don’t have a background in finance or accounting this is a must for you.” John Munchenberg, Chair, Balcos Pty Ltd.

About the Presenter – Ben Miels

It’s fair to say Ben Miels is something of a sports tragic. His resume is sprinkled with board positions at organisations such as Greyhound Racing SA and the SA Motorsport Advisory Board, but away from the tracks and playing fields, this dynamic and multi-awarded chartered accountant and managing partner at professional services firm Edwards Marshall is an eminent authority on business disciplines ranging from taxation to risk management and has consulted to a wide array of industries.

Charity: $5 is set aside for The Australian Childhood Foundation each time a subscriber selects this topic.

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